C. Bouras, A. Konidaris
The 2nd International Conference on Internet Computing (IC2001),Las Vegas,Nevada, USA, Vol 2, June 25th - 28th 2001, pp. 238-244
Publication year: 2001


In this paper we address one of the performance problems of the World Wide Web, known as User Perceived Latency (UPL). We begin by presenting a new definition of UPL. Next we present a concept that may benefit the WWW and reduce UPL. This is the concept of Web Components. We show how Web Components can work together with other concepts for efficient Web Data manipulation and delivery, in order to reduce UPL. We then show how Web Components can also be used to support Web personalization as a means for reducing latency. After that we present the operation of the WWW model (Web Servers, Web Proxies and Web Browsers) for supporting the Web Component concept.

  • User perceived latency
  • Web personalization
  • Web data
  • Web Components