C. Bouras, A. Konidaris, E.Konidari, A. Sevasth
The Second International Conference on Web-Age Information Management(WAIM 01), Xi an, China, July 9-11 2001, pp.249-256
Publication year: 2001


In this paper we show that users move from page to page, in the WWW, by following similar browsing patterns when they have similar browsing experience. Similar browsing patterns do not absolutely imply that the same URL’s are visited. They only mean that users react in similar ways to similar web sites and follow almost foreseen routes. In order to prove this conclusion we introduce the Navigation Graph technique to trace users’ web browsing patterns. We also categorize sites according to their structure by using a commercial tool. Having done these, we analyze the results of the navigation graphs and present them, pointing out the problems that users may encounter. Finally, in order to answer to these problems, we propose enhancements that can improve the performance of web browsers and web servers.