How people use their phones for travel

How people use their phones for travel

Think with Google just published a very interesting survey on How people use their phones for travel. The survey outlines 4 major Key findings:

  1. Smartphones are travel guides
  2. Apps are for loyalty and convenience
  3. Simplicity of use is key
  4. Phone memory (un)availability is the major reason for unistalling a Travel app

There is a lot of information in this survey about how many people use their smartphones for travel and how they use them. 51% of smartphone users actually use them for Travel related activities. In raw numbers that translates to roughly 1 billion users according to Statista .

The findings of the survey should be taken very seriously by Website owners, App owners and DMOs. The day when “if you’re not on mobile you’re not anywhere” is not far at all.

In 2013 we at the Digital Media and Communication department conducted a survey on visitors of the island of Kefalonia in Greece. 30% of visitors said they used a Travel App. This means that Travel App usage has grown about 20% during the past 3 years. The numbers say it all. Destinations should focus on mobile content and marketers should target tourists on mobile when they are at a location.

Take some time to view Google’s full survey here.